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Last nights hic ups were just bumps in the road. It was unfortunate that Todd was so "pissed off" when he first took and the stage. The rage seemed to escalate after Love in Action. I think most in the crowd were a bit taken back or even shocked by his comments. However, he regained his composure quickly and after "nailing" Black Maria I think he was over it. (as were we) He referenced "Anger subsiding" a number of times well into the new stuff .......I believe this was his way of apologizing. or at least acknowledging the rant wasn't cool. I'm hoping he doesn't keep to his word and never come back to this venue.

I thought Todd and the band were tight and seemed to gain momentum as the sound improved the entire set. Prairie, Jesse, and Rachel were all relaxed and for the most part seemed to be having fun throughout the evening. I'm not quite clear on Matt's role. I thought he was suppose to be on keys but last night he was playing rthymn 90% of the time ? I wonder if this had anything to do with the lack of a mixing monitor Todd went off about ?

My new material favorites were: Courage, Bardo and Mountain top. The encore numbers specifically "Victory" where Todd's voice was so on were the high points of the show for me. Looking forward to tonight's Seattle show (a luxurious 300 spot dinner venue) to further digest and evaluate.

Buzz - Portland, Or.

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7/08/2008 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR

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