Aladdin Theater Portland 2008

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Lightning struck the pissant stage of the Aladdin Theater in Portland last night.... and in its aftermath stood a howling, wailing, screaming genius named Todd Rundgren. It was the raucous return of the Runt !! Sarcastic, cranky,witty, angry, pissed-off, and downright defient... all the raw, gritty emotions that led me to Todd all those years ago. Raw Rundgren !! Rock n roll isn't a sound its an attitude and the Runt brought plenty of attitude with him last night. Rundgren hit the stage with the pissiest, foulest, most contancerous attitude ever seen....and I absolutely loved it...that is the basis for rock n roll. Rundgren found a way to channel his rage and furry through his guitars with ferrocious yet precision playing and sang at times like a fire breathing dragon...screaming right to the edge where you think his voice will crack and then reeling it back in. Opening with the hard driving Love in Action and serving up the Nazz nugget Open My Eyes you could sense this was going to be a happening. The Heavymetal Kid was back and with a vengence. I cant remember when...if ever... that I saw a show where the musician played an hour of new material that I didn't want to stab myself repeatedly in the juggler with a gaff hook, but this new material was riveting and has staying power. Pissin, Gun, and Mountaintop are particular gems and I look forward to hearing these songs grow over the next few years. I feel very fortunate and privileged... even honored that Todd has played here in Portland the last three years. I hope that Todd knows we really do love his growling, snarling, snorting ways and that he comes back real soon!!

Boo Greene

Portland Oregon

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7/08/2008 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR

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