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Having about 20 shows under my belt and my first in 1977 I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Like most Todd shows I had no expectations going in. I did attend the last show at the GAMH with my family and loved it. This show I went solo. I did read a few reviews on the tr connection so I did know that the new material would be played. Todd definitely seemed to be full of energy (the fall over the amp without missing a note was worth the price of admission), the band sounded great. The one thing I did miss was the sound of Kasim's voice as part of the harmony.

The new material was a pleasant surprise. I would like say that if you are looking for a softer side of Todd in this release you will not find it. The guy is rocking as hard as ever at 60! Amazing.

One Todd's line that sticks in my head was in one of the "new" songs. It was very early in the set. Todd was just cranking on... "what do you think of me now". It was just classic. Just shook my head, smiled and said he has done it again. The new music is fresh and rockin. So just when you think the guy is going to keep singing the song's that have made him "famous". Think again.

Arena takes us all in a new direction. Nothing wrong with that.

I am glad another post pointed out the Just One Victory bass line being a bit off. Rachel has some big shoes to fill, but really thought she sounded great on the new material. Looking forward to the new album.

All in all I will be back as always. Faithful in the new direction.

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