July 5th at the Canyon Club- Danger Danger...

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Hot summer night, fires scattered all over California, and Todd's band has contributed to the heat.

It is amazing the difference between the Key Club show which was 2 shows before, and the one I just experienced on July 5th. The 5th was polished and dynamic, fantastic grooves and harmony singing. I was especially happy that the boys did not keep their sunglasses on for too long which really helped! There is something about being able to see faces and eyes that adds to the whole experience. (Todd's glasses were sheer- could see his eyes)

I want to add an update about Prairie ( see Key Club review) : He was fantastic !, he was playing wonderful parts and he and Rachel connected beautifully and were really grooving together, which in turn took us all along.

Todd was even better than ever, if that is possible. Light on his fingers, light on his feet, laughing and funny between songs.

The whole band was cooking hot, So hot that Todd and Prairie had to take off their shirts for the last song!

I can now say I love all the new Arena songs since hearing the set twice. By the time any of you see this show, you will be in for a great night of music and musicianship, fun, and joy.

Thankfully there is an additional Arena t shirt, while not in a woman's t shirt style, it comes in a small size if you are like me and want a less baggy fit.

Todd has recreated himself again, and I love this version!

Thank you Todd, Jessie, Prairie, Rachel, and Matt. You are all wonderful people who played your hearts out and gave so much.

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7/05/2008 - The Canyon - Agoura Hills, CA

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