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After seeing the band at the Canyon Club following their performance at the Coach House I must say they sounded better and seemed to be having a lot more fun. For one thing the CC has air conditioning so Todd was not sweating to death as he did at the Coach House. To me the CC is a better venue, bigger stage and better lighting and sound system. This seemed to inspire the band and indeed produce a better all around performance.

Todd was full of life; lots of joking around with the crowd and suggestive comments such as what you could do with your girlfriend because she would be so hot after the show.

Todd must have broke a string during the second song because he had to swap Foamy out for the white Strat. This turned out to be a problem as well because he had to nudge it into tune all through Black Maria. You could see he was upset but still pulled it off like a professional. Following repair, Foamy was back in action through the rest of the set. One interesting event was Todd must have got mixed up on the set list and forgot to play Courage at the proper time. The band kind of gave him a hard time about it.

I have to say that after hearing the new songs the second time through they are growing on me. I think it is obvious that this is a great effort by Todd and I'm glad that he is heading in this musical direction. At the close of the new album Todd introduced all the band member and then left the stage for about 30 seconds and then dashed back on for the encore. Todd pulled off his shirt and said something like "were going to do this old school". The guy has the body of someone half his age. Todd proceeded to intentionally sing Victory out of sequence I think so startle the band into thinking he was messing up the set list again. He quickly stopped and belted out the last two songs in proper order. Lots of funny things about this show and interplay between band members. This was a much better show than the previous one and truly a great show in my book. I am fortune to have been with my brother to see it.

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7/05/2008 - The Canyon - Agoura Hills, CA

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