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The show last night was just great, while I don't believe it was as good as the Coach House 2 nights earlier, we can definitely hear and see that the band is coming together and really starting to rock. Todd didn't seem to be in a very good mood when he first hit the stage, something had him upset it was written all over his face. However that seemed to quickly evaporate when the music started. Well up until something went awry with "Foamy" just before "Black Maria". Todd was clearly unhappy having to play that song with his other guitar which "was the wrong color", as he said. However, while he was struggling a bit with this guitar, when it came to the leads, he was just smoking. Todd is really starting to smoke the leads on these songs. There was a noticeable difference just from the Key Club to the Coach House. For those of you that are looking forward to seeing shows soon, Todd is just going to be on fire. You are in for a treat. His voice is also holding up well at this point.

The new material is definitely coming together, they are getting to the point where they aren't "thinking" about the music and just starting to play and perform. Both Rachel and Matt both commented that this evolution is really taking place now. A noticeable change from just the Todd Stock rehearsal.

Todd and Rachel are really forming a great relationship on stage. Todd took her and Matt shopping on Melrose Ave here in LA for some stage clothing. (Todd has always been a clothing shop-a-holic going back to the Nazz days) While the style isn't her typical fashion statement, she is having fun with it. She was wearing this black shirt with a hood and my wife commented that she looked like "Mistress Riding Hood"! It was working for her and she got a kick out of the name. Unfortunately for Matt, Todd picked out this really heavy (hot) looking sweater. Looked good, but just really hot. With the summer temps in LA coupled with the stage lights, he was roasting, but having a good time and playing well.

While talking to Rachel, mentioned to her about how Kaz, Roger and Todd would all do the high kicking steps during "Couldn't I Just Tell You" on stage. She appreciated the information and I think will surprise Todd on stage one night by joining him. Wish I could see that, so when it happens, hope someone will report how it went.

Don't know what is going on, maybe the Todd crowds are getting older and have forgotten about what to do during Just One Victory, I have noticed this at the last two shows. First of all, hardly anyone is standing during the Utopian National Anthem. Hey if McCann or Obama showed such a sign of disrespect we would be hearing about it for weeks. Also, I guess most people also forgot about the hand clapping before the solo. Seeing this was very upsetting, it is always a great moment when the entire crowd is standing and clapping during Just One Victory.

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7/05/2008 - The Canyon - Agoura Hills, CA

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