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OMG!!!!!!! I was at the Canyon Club last night (MY FAVORITE VENUE) because the sound is excellent and last night felt legendary. Packed to the gills Todd and company rocked it. The vocals were amazing, the band is THERE!!. Rachel is a really great bass player. I think this tour is giving her tons of confidence and it's obvious she's one of the "guys".(still adorably feminine with a dimpled smile) The whole night blew me away. I may like ARENA more then LIARS, people were standing after every song. Jesse, Todd, Matt were ON! Rachel cooked and Prairie was right there too.

Todd's voice got a bit raspy towards the end, but the guitar playing was sizzling! By the encore Todd and Prairie played the last two songs with their shirts off.

When I was walking to my car I heard two men talking the one guy saying "can you believe he still plays like that and he's 60" - I thought to myself (Dude you just saw it - believe it). Todd was funny too. he made a comment about the Key Club being for loud mouth posers (amen), and the Canyon Club was where you go to hear music. He said lots of funny things, and even complimented his band...I'm telling you it was great! Applause BRAVO run see it!

Legendary stuff you won't be disappointed....gelling very nicely I must say!

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7/05/2008 - The Canyon - Agoura Hills, CA

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