Key Club - July 2 2008

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Set List:
Love In Action
Walls Came Down
Black Maria
Open My Eyes
Lunatic Fringe
I Saw The Light
_ _ _ _

Couldn't I Just Tell You Just One Victory


* Small but energetic crowd.

* Morgansterns played a nice 7 song acoustic set and a fair bit of the crowd up front were there to see them.

* Minor sound / technical issues throughout (like that's something new at a Todd gig)!

* Jessie is a beast and really carried the set.

* Prairie Prince good as always, seemed disinterested throughout and absolutely no interaction with new bass player Rachel Haden.

* Rachel Haden was better than expected (although I had low expectations after reading previous posts).

* Matt Bolten, O.K., not much to say other than the keyboard part / intro to "Today" was taped while he played rhythm?

* Other than "Love In Action" same group of older material from the last few tours.

* "Lunatic Fringe", I don't get it...well played but really what's the point?

* New material was better than expected, best songs for me were: "Bardo", "Courage" & "Mad".

* "The Wheel" was on the set-list and not played.

* Todd said the new album was complete and would be released "electronically" soon, not sure what that means for releasing an actual CD with liner notes, etc.

* Would have been nice to have had CD's to buy at the show (like Liars).

* Todd came on at 10:10 and the encore ended promptly at midnight.

* Souvenirs = lame (Todd made some comment about it not being the last time he'd ask us to but some cheap shit from China) pretty funny actually!

* All in all a good evening of music, thanks to Todd (60 and still going strong)!!!!

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