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June 29, 2008
Cleveland Ohio

WOW!... Todd started slightly late but explained that the trip to Cleveland was a journey through the "Valley of Death", but that Cleveland was the "Light at the End of the Tunnel". Prairie seemed to be playing the "house drums", maybe part of the "journey through hell"? At any rate, Tonight did ROCK!!! A new album, a new tour, and well, a 30 year old trapped in a 40 year old body, claiming to be 60???? Todd has surely found the fountain of youth. This fountain seems to be complete with...

  1. NEW MATERIAL that is reminiscent of older days, but still with a fresh vibe
  2. A young and powerful voice
  3. A young and powerful backing lineup featuring a good looking and young girl named Rachel Hayden: Bass
  4. A cool dude named Matt Bolton: Keyboards
  5. Prairie on drums, but new and improved
  6. Jesse on Guitar, but hotter than ever on the solos and backing vocals
  7. An attitude reminiscent of the "Wizard" era!!!!
OK, the show went off flawlessly, much practice surely went into this which is unusual for Todd. The place was SOLD OUT. I was in amazement. Gave Todd a cool Birthday gift which I REALLY hope he likes! Overall, a perfect show.


--Mr. G

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