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The fans sang Happy Birthday to Todd before the show opened we were all in on it, but I not too sure that he even heard it.

The band was better than earlier show reviews had indicated and sounded better in person than the boot floating around. Curious as to what the cd will sound like since it's all Todd all the time, musical loops? Mixed bag of fan reviews of the new material. They were glad he did some 70's tunes since that is what they had come there for. They were wanting more Utopia tunes.

Rachel did a fine job, and there was lots of heavy bass throughout the show. She has a sweet voice almost Kasimatic. Very much eye candy for the guys! She looks like a sweet little angel (after meeting her this was confirmed).

Todd knew the new material well. No flubs. While standing on the inside line, for an hour and a half you could hear them practicing. It paid off.

My lei got picked up and worn (the lights quit flashing when it hit the stage) Nancy tossed a pair of her panties up there and Todd draped them over his guitar one girl actually ripped off a pair of pink lace panties that she was wearing, someone please bring Todd some hand sanitizer wipes!

Note to management Todd's fans are getting too old to stand in line 1 1/2 hours just to stand another 4 hours during a concert. This sentiment was heard from many about the venue of choice.

Very cool to meet Lani after what, 10 years of chatting...PP, Rachel and Matt after show very cordial towards fans they know how to treat the loyal.

Complaints from crowd: No new cd's available at the venue and the lyrics you couldn't understand the words to the new songs. Rachel's vocals were so low you could barely hear her singing and Matt's keys were not easily heard either. Sorry, just gathering information from the crowd. While waiting yet another 45 minutes (someone tell Todd his crowd is aging) with back stage passes we had a nice chat with a freelance photo journalist for Rolling Stone magazine/Rock and Roll Hall of fame. BTW the passes have a close up of TR's thumb blister.

On a lighter note we had come down a day early and every place that we went where people asked us why we were in town, and we told them to go to a Todd concert, everybody knew Todd Rundgren, and had a story or two to share. Not one Todd Who? The Wheel was on the set list but not played during the encore.

The concert was better than I had been warned it was going to be, so my expectations were low. The band had really stepped up to the plate to the sold out Cleveland crowd.

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6/29/2008 - House of Blues - Cleveland, OH

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