Cleveland, OH – 6/29/08, House Of Blues

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The set list went something like this:
   Love In Action
   Open My Eyes
   Lunatic Fringe
   Black Maria
   I Saw The Light
   The new songs
  Couldn’t I Just Tell You
  Just One Victory
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen TR play in Cleveland but the crowd is always very enthusiastic. No different this evening as the House of Blues was sold out. We watched the show standing behind the few reserved balcony seats. A great view of the stage however I’m guessing the sound was probably better downstairs.

The band played really well – no major flubs. Of course Todd/Jesse/Prairie are a tight unit (Todd and Jesse harmonize so well!), and the two new players did fine. Rachel has a nice voice, hopefully she’ll sing more backups, especially during “Just One Victory.” You know, the “hold that line. . .get up boys and hit em one more time” part. Todd’s voice was so-so. I’ve heard him a lot better and a lot worse.

In the past I have been knocked out by hearing Todd play an unfamiliar song live, like “One World” and “Surf Talks.” I wasn’t floored by any of the new songs except “Weakness” which I really liked. “Mountaintop” was my other fave newbie. One of the others sounded quite like “Bridge of Sighs” by Robin Trower.

I think the new CD will be very good, but it’s tough to get into the unfamiliar songs at first listen. Maybe I can catch another show later in the tour after the CD comes out.

I saw some Toddstock items at the merch table. I think T-shirt prices are somehow correlated to gasoline prices.

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6/29/2008 - House of Blues - Cleveland, OH

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