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Todd lit up the stage from the very first song with a variety of his hits; probably 5 songs or so.

The sound was really good and earplugs obviously help if your very close to the stage.

So, the artist finds himself once again in Cleveland and the crowd there is very true and quite artistically savvy themselves. Kudos go out to the Cleveland fans that stood through a whole set of new music and enjoying every bit of the new material. There was no mention of the new album's title and little was said about the songs. Noticeably, Todd does not seem to interact as much as he use to with the audience.

Moreover, there were no new cd's for sale at the venue. He would have sold a boat load of them. The new material reminds me of a melodic blend of Healing with a dose of the Tr-i cd and peppered with plenty of fist pumping Public Servant styled angst. The band all rollicked hard and were successfully tight for the second show of the tour.

Well done! The closing was super and carried away the cheerful crowd of Clevelanders.

Lastly, there were about a half dozen or more, after show guests with passes, who patiently waited 45 minutes to meet & greet Todd and unfortunately they were all left behind with no appearance. Those folks went away feeling left out and a bit dejected.

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6/29/2008 - House of Blues - Cleveland, OH

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