House of blues

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As always, it's a treat to see Todd. The band was good, considering it was the third show of the tour. First batch of songs were a blast from the past, 'open my eyes' was really nice to hear, and I can never get enough of 'Black Maria'.

The new songs were very much with the theme of Arena Rock. Very AC/DC, and a touch of ZZ, and any other 80's hair band that you can think of. Some of the tunes were so complex that it came off very muddy and cluttered, I'm sure the fans mid way through the tour will get a much more practiced sound.

A blast to watch and hear, I think the guy could play an old coffee can with a stick and we would hoot and holler for more.

I do think he needs to be more considerate of the senior's that are his fan base, and maybe play in theater's so we don't have to stand for 3 hours, but that's just the crabby old man in me... Long live elderly Rock and Roll.

I would highly recommend the tour, the new stuff is fresh and fun to watch.

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6/29/2008 - House of Blues - Cleveland, OH

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