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I don't why I swallowed a fly......

The evening was hot and the air was still - leaving it a grand night if you were a bug. However if you were the bug that flew into TR's mouth - you got hacked out - I think. Either that or you were a tasty snack. Yes - that was first time I've seen that!! He had to stop the song and swish his mouth out. But when he took the bug repellant and wiped it around his mouth - I knew (as an RPh) this was not good. Then he said his mouth was numb. Not only that but the string breaking fairy was in the air....3 in 2 songs - and he was running out of guitars. Maybe "smudging" the stage before the show isn't a 1/2 bad idea. The band before TR had a light come down smashing on stage leaving glass everywhere but thankfully not on anyone.

The music. The setlist has about 5 songs from the previous tour - someone has posted it. Then the new stuff. I loved it. Yes they rock out and then Todd just puts his soulful singing right in there and it's beautiful. However I felt at a disadvantage cuz I want the lyrics!! I couldn't catch it all and I resorted to lip reading. (Not helpful). Mouth the words Olive Juice and someone will think you are saying I love you. I digress......The music. It's Todd all the way. Melodic in parts - rockin - it's the journey of his music - for today.

I for one, am thankful, grateful, honored to be a part of Todd's musical journey. And it is a personal thing. Music either speaks to your soul - it rings true - and takes you away.....or it doesn't. This music does for me.

The band - Jesse is rockin as always. I can look over at him anytime and I have to smile. He is having a darn good time in life and he plays the hell out of the guitar. Todd puts foamy in your face and who could ask for more? It's musical heaven. I was sandwiched between 2 locals who didn't know what they were in for. I told them Todd is gonna put that guitar in your face......he didn't disappoint....and totally amazed them - oh yeah and me too! Prairie is drumming his heart out - looking regal - and ever the showman. Rachel looks like an angel up there. You can tell she is.....concentrating - cautious - but in a few shows she'll be ripping with the rest of them. After the set she grabbed her notebook and nearly skipped off stage. Matt also a little cautious - but I caught him smiling - dancing - having a great time.

Aside from being cut short on time - this was a great evening. Forget about the technical difficulties cuz that is just life. What we will remember is the band giving it their all.....just for us....

Janet (Pebbles)

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6/26/2008 - Leach Amphitheater @ Riverside Park - Oshkosh, WI

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