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Todd was great tonight and played lots of long guitar solos. His band was hot with killer drumming throughout by Prairie and heavy work by Kasim.

Todd played his custom green Strat and a black Gibson. Roadie was working hard throughout, seemed a bit slow on the broken string repair.

Crowd was seated until a few folks decided to move up front and take it to another level. Todd seemed to like it. He was in fine voice. Nice pants.


Buffalo Grass
I Hate My Fricken ISP
Black Maria
Facist Christ
I Saw the Light
Black and White
Lunatic Fringe
#1 Lowest Common Denom
Tiny Demons
Mystified/Broke Down
The Walls Came Down
One World
Worldwide Ephiphany
Todd signed about 5 autographs then left the stage. He was very nice to the crowd and cordial. People freely recorded the show with their digital cameras and phones.

Fine show. Well worth the $25 (US)

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4/18/2008 - Handlebar - Greenville, SC

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