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Caught a small plane to Miami, only flown on a small plane once before and I was kind of nervous. The view of the Ocean from the plane was just beautiful. I've never been to Miami before, quite different. I thought it would be warmer. My only regrets are not seeing the beach and not going dancing after the concert, two good things to do in Miami. Stayed at a little hotel called The Cadet, I highly recommend this hotel. It's small but a block away from the Fillmore, clean, excellent staff. It is a non-smoking hotel though which was fine by me. The time flew and I was meeting Jodie, Julie, and Jay at the Fillmore, so glad they were going.

The Fillmore is a beautiful place with very expensive drinks. I got to talk to Christine and Cathy at the merchandise table, two of the nicest people! They do a Fantastic job! Bought 2 T-shirts and got my Todd Store bag. (short story) I bought a bunch of stuff at the Milwaukee show in Jan. 08, they did not have the Todd Store bags but did get them for the first Chicago show which I was at. A friend of mine from Mi could not get anything at this time but loved the bag. Since I bought a bunch of stuff in Milwaukee one of the nice girls gave me a Todd Store bag which in turn I gave to my friend that came from Mi. which she was thrilled! My point is.....Kindness goes a long way, also any time that the band gives is greatly appreciated!

As luck would have it Jodie, Julie and Jay were able to come and sit by me, no the place wasn't packed by any means but everyone that was there really appreciated what they got!!! Oh my god! The show was truly AMAZING!!!!!!! The best I've seen of this set list besides the Chicago ones. Yes, Jesse had the petal problems which he was such a good sport about and broke at least one string that I remember but he was great. Kasim's mike was located in Egypt or so it seemed but besides that it was FANTASTIC! Because of Jesses's problems we got to hear Todd talk at times which was great! It seemed like he was having a great time as were we. Some smiles and dancing all over the stage. I can't tell you how sad I was to see the band go off before coming back for the encores, knowing that it was almost over. I believe Todd stretched out WWE which was great! I wish the show could have gone on forever! I had a connecting flight in Atlanta, you don't know how bad I didn't want to get on that plane and stay in Atlanta for the show the next day! Back to Reality! A Dream Goes On Forever and I'm Lucky To Be Living In It! Thank you, Todd, Kasim, Jesse and Prairie!!!

Rock Love,


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4/15/2008 - Fillmore - Miami, FL

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