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Great Show. TR and the gang were well rested and relaxed. The overall performance was sharper than last night (less blues juice, more rest). There was a lot of goofin' around, Prairie shooting a mouthful of water at Kaz, Kaz mocking Todd as Todd chastises Jesse for his pedal issues which held things up a few times. Not that anybody minded the delays. It created more banter and as always, when things stray, it makes it more fun. We felt bad for Jesse, what between the pedals and the several broken strings... it must have frustrated him a bit but you'd never know it by his performance and as always his good nature. Of course the set list was the same but who cares? This is what it is for this time in life and I for one appreciate the mere fact that Todd and the band tours, under any conditions!!

Another great benefit tonight was seeing singer, songwriter and keyboardist Hillary McCrae. She's 17 and she's got the goods. A deep soulful sound with the musical savvy to back it. Her band was tight and got a great reception from us. Her debut album, just released is available at Starbucks as well as any music outlet. Treat yourself and check it out. Get well soon Michelle...

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4/15/2008 - Fillmore - Miami, FL

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