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Miami - April 15, 2008. The show was a little bit of a hybrid of the shows we've seen since economics and effort (I'm guessing) started to prevent Todd from touring with a larger band. That is, the set list was material built around the odd -- for Todd's extremely complex and wonderful body of work -- combination of two electric guitars, bass and drums, but the playing and singing was very tight and polished. Also, due to repeated equipment malfunctions with Jesse's pedals, Todd was forced to engage in some stage banter, and he is truly hilarious and very interesting and entertaining.

However, like all the shows I've seen over the last ten years or so, it made me long for what I wish Todd preferred to do/was able to do. That is, even if economics would only permit a traveling four-piece band, I wish Todd would pick-up a whiz-bang multi-keyboard player/guitarist who can sing, arrange for a grand piano to be available in every venue, and do a "Runt/Ballad" tour, followed later by a "Something/Anything" Tour (that one might also need a couple of horn players), and then build toward a six-piece "Ra/Utopia" tour. How about hearing "We Gotta Get You a Woman," "Be Nice To Me," "Seven Rays" and "The Ikon" played live again!

I would hope that the success of the recent Brian Wilson tours, the Classic Albums Live tours, and the Fab Faux's album-oriented tours might suggest that these types of Todd tours would be an economic success. (This wish comes someone who first saw Todd in 1973 or 1974 during the small venue "Wizard" tour and who has seen almost everything since, including the jaw-dropping (first) "Utopia" tour with the six piece band in the Kennedy Center Opera House and the incredible Nearly Human tour at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. The contrast between those mighty performances and today's is quite notable.)

But, Todd's an artist, and of course he should do what he prefers to do. Anybody else have a similar "Todd wish list"? p.s. One thing's for sure about the Miami show: since Todd'll be 60 on his next birthday -- if I recall correctly -- the show really inspired us youngsters in our mid-50s, because 60 apparently ain't nuthin' -- our hero looked and sounded great, can shred with the best 20-something, and was leaping around and wailing more than he did when he was in his 20s!

Todd for Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!

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