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Though many have seen this configuration and heard these songs, it was great to have Todd and the boys finally pass through Orlando. Its unfortunate that they chose to play Hard Rock Live vs. the smaller House of Blues...I kind of knew from the start that this venue wouldn't fill up and I felt bad as they came out to see maybe 1/3 of the seats filled.

But Todd really played his heart out tonight. In the past, I've been pretty upset with the lack of preparation and his taking the easy way out on various solo tours. This time, as I watched Todd struggling early on with Black Maria, I could see determination and drive on his face (it was fun to see the glances that Kasim, Prairie and Jesse were shooting each other as they were put into recovery mode). He would not let it get in the way of delivering to the faithful who came out to show their support and love for his music.

The encores were the highlight of the evening with the crowd finally getting up into the "mosh pit." Trapped was my personal favorite of the evening and Kasim demonstrated once again that he's probably the best bass player anyone could ever ask ask for. Jesse offered up an amazing mastery of his craft and Prairie was once again a rock behind the drums.

I don't know how these shows should be promoted in Orlando. We don't really have any classic rocks stations here and when the show was advertised, they featured Bang on the Drum, We Gotta Get You a Woman, Hello It's Me, etc. There were more than a few people who were a bit upset with the song selections. But it really is great to see families at the shows with the many younger kids who know all the words, even to the more esoteric songs.

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4/14/2008 - Hard Rock Live - Orlando, FL

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