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For this turn w/ one of my few heros (& spiritual leader) I twisted & turned and ached to work my way down the aisle for both another beer and a clear head. the playlist was a personal "lousiest song on the album" fest for me. buffalo grass,mammon,fascist christ?the simple,non-subtle B & W, #1 common denominator,(& the #1 I wish he'd forget) Black Maria, even Drive was a little forced (Todd, just back from an apparently grueling Japan tour admitted "10 hour jet lag") and I hoped that out of the exhausted..unforseeable magic moments might fall out of the mystic. Mystified & Broke down & busted medley started to win me back my lady enjoyed it and tho' we've seen him ten tours, this time i twisted and turned until the encore where the lovely Hawking once again soothed me, Kasim's Trapped, and a song i never took to, World Wide Epiphany took off.. that magic moment had an unplanned inspiration all its own and saved the night

peace out

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4/12/2008 - Tampa Theatre - Tampa, FL

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