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Hey gang.... thought long and hard about posting today, and decided to go for it. I think that lots of fans have lots of opinions regarding the last year and a half of the Todd Rundgren band tours. ( believe this is the 5th leg to date?) There is no doubt that this is a very, very welcome relief from the solo tours. I think those of us who had had enough of those are in the majority?) To see Todd "get back what he had lost" (his words...) is fantastic. The madness of the first week of the Joe Jackson tour to this day rings in my ears, and I can't believe that i am saying this, but man oh man, it feels like deja vu' all over again. I have noticed that lately, there does not seem to be as many posts as in past tours, and i really wonder about that. I have my own thoughts as to why that may be, but for now, keepin it that way. Most of my tour buddies go back to Oops Wrong Planet days, but we didn't actually hook up until Utopia started playing clubs/bars on the Network (suits) tour, and we have almost to a person, stayed in touch ever since. From '82 to '04 (Liars) we would all average between 6-15 shows per tour, and I am not talking about 2 or 3 people.... more like 25-30, from Chicago to Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati to West Pam Beach to Tampa. As of last couple of years, Every friend (fanatic) that i have spoken to has hit their hometown show, and that is it. I do have one friend that has gone to many shows, major Kasim fan. Looking back at the reviews/commentaries from Florida 3 years ago, most reviews/commentaries seem split as to sloppiness, but emphasis on setlists. Not going to go on for much more, (promise). How many times has Todd stated in interviews that One Long Year is his least consistent, thematically lacking album? When was the last time you were in the mood for some Todd, and put that in the player? Yet for 3 years, with the band, we have had Buffalo/Isp to open shows. (Liars opened of course with Truth, but then....) Lunatic Fringe, Infidel, Walls Came Down.... Enough!!! As to Tampa 2 nights ago.. Maybe there should have been one more day off between Japan and Florida, or even 2 days and rehearse a couple new songs. This show has played 9 times within 3 hours of my house.. Would never have dreamed I would have ever said this, but ONCE is enough. I'm done. Thanks Roger, for such a fantastic sight. And for those of you that state over and over again that at least Todd is alive and still on the road, I hope he lives to be 120, and that some new fans come along to discover the wonders of TR. However, I can honestly say that almost all of the old timers I know have veered off the Road to Utopia long ago. There are a couple of artists on the road right now, 2 night stands, 10 song differentiation from night one to night two. Jesse, Kasim, and Prairie are every bit as talented as the E Street Band, if not more so. Todd refuses to mix it up. Why? Thanks all. Dan

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4/12/2008 - Tampa Theatre - Tampa, FL

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