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Loud sounds in luxuary venue!

"Billboard live Tokyo"is located in Roppongi. It is most sofisticated place, gathering top trend people every night(bar,club and other night spots) and recentry renovated some huge buildings including office,shops,top brand hotels. Billboard is in newest place "Roppongi MID TOWN". Seats is separated reserved seats(addidtional charge required!,total $110+) and free table seats($90 and food),and cheaper "casual seat" ($70) with one drink. Crowd consists dressy rich people for reserved seats and other normal Todd fan. It was like Bluenote tour in 2002. Upper class crowd had no reaction after and between the songs without handclap.

Todd mentioned this tour is like marathon. Voice was getting worst. Basic set was subtracted 9 songs from US tour. But second set was changed some songs except first day in Osaka. Photograph is strictly prohabited during performance. But Japanese mobile phone has functioned high resolution digital camera,some people took picture before and after the show.

April 9th,1st show

Baffallo Grass
Black Maria
Soul Brother
Facist Christ
Black and White
Tiny Demons
One World

"This is last show. Anything goes!" Black and White Soul Brother Black Maria ISTL No1 LCD

Before beating last chords of this song,suddenly Todd started to play intro of Cream's Crossroad. However Todd didn't stop to play and start to sing. Song were completed.
Lunatic Fringe
Tiny Demons
Facist Christ
The Wall Came Down
Mystified-Broke Down & Busted-Mystified
One World
Todd said "no encore tonight" without they left,then start to play again.
In this set,Todd chose next song every time before start to play. That's amazing.

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4/09/2008 - Billboard Live - Tokyo, Japan

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