Happenings Thirty Years Time Ago !

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It seems to me I’ve been here before, Situations we really know. Those sounds I heard and the sights I saw.

Scrounging through a Chicago Entertainment guide more then a month in advance of the 1/31/08 Park West show I noticed Park West‘s 30 th anniversary was listed on the Todd advertisement. How strange for in 1978, my brother Geoff, Friends Kaz, & Bowlhead attended a wonderful show at Park West. This was the Hermit of Mink Hollow tour, complete with the dancing ballerina Karen Darvon. My does time fly! it was a wonderful show that warm August evening.

Fast forward thirty years later, my invites to the same quartette were given however work and life issues got in the way of having an original cast reunion. However one such individual made a tragic mistake of missing the show the night before in Ferndale Mi.. A short 5 mile drive from his work address. (Major faux paux)

Any ways our party of six thoroughly enjoyed this show on a wonderful snowy night in Chicago. With a game plan in store Randy aka Hokey took to the streets of Chicago to embrace some of the windy cities finest winter moments howling wind and falling snow.

Front row seats were secured for our party of six. The venue looked great and knowledge of an upcoming blistering show was hard to relax during the warm up band.

Our heroes took to the stage and played the aforementioned set list with reckless abandon.

I could not have done a better job hand picking the set list myself.

Thanks Prairie, Jesse, Kaz @ Todd for this rocking tour, it was sad it had to come to an end, but……still there is more !!!

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1/31/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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