Park West/Chicago IL/1-31-08

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WOW!!! I thought this show was Fantastic! My 5th from this set list. The sound was Great and the guitar, bass, and drum playing was UNBELIEVABLE!!! The guys ROCKED! I thought everything went smooth and amazing.

I loved every song! I thought Todd's voice was better this show. Loved Jesse's hat! All the guys looked great especially because of what they had been through during the day. Just glad they made it safely.

The crowd was great and I had a lot of fun hanging out with old and new friends. Only bummer was being made to wait in line outside in the blizzard because of the fans from the first Park West show were not orderly! People cutting in line etc. But we got to see the guys come for the sound check.

It was great seeing Todd all over the stage again, also him goofing around with Jesse and Kasim on stage and smiling too! He said something about getting laid in Chicago and then ended up putting a flower lay around his neck, very funny! Kasim looked great and hearing "Trapped" brings back some great "Utopia" memories! Todd and Jesse's guitar playing WOW!

Thank you to the Bartenders and Security of the Park West, they were so very nice! Love the Park West! Thank you to Randy for the Set List and pic, plus the thankless job of running your ass off and helping to make things run smoothly for the band. I hope they appreciate everything you do!

I hope we see this tour again! Thanks for adding "Trapped"! Hope you all got home safe.

Thanks for coming back to Chicago a second time especially in our bad Winter Snow Storm!

Rock Love, Karen

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1/31/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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