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After a long and winding drive, beautiful sunset and bluest of skies, I arrived in Rochester. The venue was an easy and close ride from the east. I was upon it quickly and it jumped out at me, in its location. The Keg sports bar downstairs was packed with pre-concert drinkers and the scent of fried food was strong. Parking was no trouble and it was a mild evening.

This beautiful old theater is well maintained and the atmosphere relaxed. Admittance was well monitored but once inside, we were free to move freely, and no big security guys were manning the end of the stage. I managed to persuade a taller person to let me be in front of him as long I made space for his wife. Who upon her return, was a sweet pixie and definitely was lucky to have a tall Todd fan for a husband. A small gaggle of girls had gathered in this part of the stage, so that meant no more heads to look through. ( I love the standing only show because you can be close to the stage, but it also stinks when everyone is taller than you and you end up peaking between ears and shoulders all nite).

The venue has a second floor balcony that allows seating. Everyone I met in Rochester were lovely people.

After 8, the show started and we were off to musical delights and excitement. Todd was rockin’ hard and seemed to be enjoying himself. His sunglasses flew off a couple times near the start of the nite, and he finally had to stop and fix them. The show resumed with trapped being played in the oncore tonight. It was so good. So good. Most of us were loving the whole show.

Jesse was doing a fantastic job, as always. He loves to play fast! He looked cute in his golfer hat. Kas was right there with the bass line. Clean and sweet, Kasim is such a wonderful bass player and musician. I saw a new CD at the merchandise table. Speaking of which, I will digress to mention all the fantastic stuff for this year’s tour. The best logos and different stuff, buttons, baseball jerseys… I think you can find some of it at the Todd store on the website.

Back to the show, Kasim and Todd were digging the screaming and gyrating girls at the front of the crowd. Prairie tossed one of the gals a drumstick. That Prairie, what an excellent drummer and excellent human being. Todd usually has someone good on the skins.

The sold out crowd was raucous and enthusiastic. The show was tight and full of fantastic music. What a nite. I am so glad I made it. Todd and band were giving out the love.

Hopefully, this summer will bring us all more TR dates and tour, and maybe a new bunch ‘o songs. Mmhhhmmm

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