Review for The Germanhouse in Rochester - 1/28/2008

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Judging from past reviews of dates on this "Freeze Your Ass Off" tour, The Germanhouse may be one of the smaller venues the band has played. Capacity is around 500 and it appeared to be close to a full house. The stripped-down stage setup gave the show an intimate "club" feel. Most everyone had a good view of the band, even without a riser for Prairie Prince.

The show started at about 8:10 with essentially the same set list as reported in other reviews. The sound was clear, clean, and VERY LOUD, with Kasim's thunderous bass shaking the floor. While Todd's voice sounded slightly hoarse at times, he held nothing back. He seemed to be in good spirits as the band rocked their way through each song. About half-way into the set Todd announced "You know, you've been through a lot already, and I have to say you quite deserve this next little treat". The band then launched into a raucous version of "I Saw The Light" as the crowd roared. As Todd began a blistering guitar solo during "#1 Lowest Common Denominator" he stumbled and fell over backward. Without missing a beat, he continued the solo while laying flat on his back.

There were some technical hiccups during the show. At one point, after a brief political rant, (We are in the primary season after all) and beginning "Tiny Demons", the house sound went dead. Todd appeared annoyed and left the stage. The problem was fixed and after a few moments he reappeared, at Kasim's urging, to start "Demons" again. Todd thanked the audience for their patience. The band then treated the appreciative crowd to an incendiary 12 minute version of "Mystified/Broke Down and Busted". I was able to capture part of it on video including a scorching guitar solo by Jesse Gress which you can view here. The encore was the same as reported in previous reviews and was outstanding. The set lasted about 2 hours and most everyone left satisfied and smiling. Here's hoping Todd will return to Rochester after completing his new album later this year.

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1/28/2008 - Germanhouse Theater - Rochester, NY

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