Todd at Park West, Chicago 1/25/2008

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Friday night, Todd told us that we should be in the stock market, as we "bought in" early for the Park West show. I think he knew how much he is loved in Chicago by the quick sellout, and gave us an unforgettable show!

The last time that I saw Todd (20+ years ago) he was more like Clark Kent (solo tour at the piano)--Friday night, he was more like Superman! Even though I had heard so much about the greatness of this tour, I wasn't quite prepared for his "rock god" commanding presence on stage. Before seeing the show, I might have had a small doubt that Buffalo Grass was not worthy of an opening number, but those doubts were immediately erased as soon as Todd took the stage and began singing. There was not a weak song in the show; I even loved the covers! There were some issues with Foamy, which led to some fun moments on stage with Todd using his red guitar as a fill-in on Fascist Christ/I Saw the Light. He said that the red guitar's neck was a half-foot longer, and it was so nice to see his smile! And Todd wore the leather pants! Need I say more? Besides sounding incredible, Todd looks incredible (at least 10 years younger and thinner in person). I was so impressed by his energy!

Jesse, Kasim, and Prairie were amazing-- Jesse played an incredible harmonica- sounding solo on Mystified/Broke Down and Busted. Thank you Jesse!

I brought my 11 year-old daughter and my husband (an old Todd fan) to the show and both of these hard-to-please critics enjoyed the show immensely! Kasim threw my daughter a pick and on the way home she said that he was awesome and asked me if we had Trapped at home so she could put it on her ipod!

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1/25/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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