Park West Chicago 1/25/08

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It was a cold night in Chicago and the snowfall made our journey take longer than usual. Luckily we had a reserved booth (Thanks to Gary and Jam Productions.) Upon entering the Park West I was surprised to see so many T-Shirts and novelties available, and the purchases came in a Todd Store bag "Brilliant". Todd took the stage at 8:30 pm and was in usual form talking and joking with the audience. He seemed to be enjoying himself along with the band members. They didn't alter from the previously posted setlist. Their performance was stellar which included the highlights "Black & White", "Mystified","Slut" and my personal favorite of the night was "Trapped" . It's always great to me to hear Todd trading vocals with Kasim, reminiscent of the old Utopia days This is one of the 30+ times I've seen Todd over the years. And it rates high among the shows of late with the exception of the "Liars" tour which I thought was better. Still a great show, I am certainly looking forward to a tour with the new album and glad that Todd keeps coming around at all.

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1/25/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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