Park West/Chicago IL/1-25-08

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The Park West is my favorite place to go see Todd & Kasim play. It's a huge club type atmosphere with great people. Only bad thing was it's GA which means waiting in line! At least it was warmer than Milwaukee! Got to meet new people, saw old friends I didn't expect to see and didn't see the people I thought I would! Talked about past concerts etc. I have to say you see all kinds of people at Todd concerts and it's not always a good thing. To each his own!

We ate at a place called Stanley's, people were great and so was the food. While I was waiting in line Kasim came for the sound check and was nice enough to come and say Hello. I was told the last time Todd played at the Park West was New Year's Eve '96/'97, I was there but it seemed longer than that. A girl in line by me had called us a "cult" which really surprised me a lot! (I'm not saying it's good or bad) I have read that for many years of Todd fans but I never heard someone actually say it! I've always told my non-Todd/Kasim friends that I'm a dedicated fan and leave it as that because they don't understand.

About 10 minutes before the doors were going to open it started getting really intense with people trying to cut and which door was opening first etc. What we go through! Perfect seat between Todd and Kasim! I was in heaven! There was a women singer playing before Todd which no one knew about. She was good but you know how it is, you just want Todd to come out and play longer! I liked the Chicago show better. I felt the crowd was better and they really showed their appreciation to Todd. I think Todd was a little surprised by it. Chicago has always loved Todd and Kasim! Two sold out shows proves that.

I thought it was a FANTASTIC concert, sound was GREAT, it was nice hearing more bass too! Kasim wore a great long sleeve light blue shirt with a black jacket and Todd wore his famous black (very revealing) leather pants! The guitars and bass were amazing and what would we do without Prairie's drums! I don't know what song it was but I remember seeing Prairie say to Todd several times "I did it" which he seemed happy about! Todd was all over the stage which was great for the fans. I don't know how he does it! I also noticed Kasim having to stand on some cords while playing, not good. The show was a dream come true, can't wait until Thursday!!!

Rock Love, Karen

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1/25/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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