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This show was very much anticipated for quite awhile for me.To hear Todd rocking like he did on Jan. 25 was truly euphoric. Just four guys kicking it,is what I love about Todd's music-he absolutely showed what a fabulous guitarist he is and there was nary a ballad in sight,excepting "Tiny Demons". The band seemed to truly enjoy playing the knock down rock they performed that night,especially Kasim Sulton who was all smiles that night.

One interesting side note-Todd commented on why this was called an "all-ages show", being that there were no young folk in the audience excepting my 12 year old niece who was in the front row,he peered over at her and gave her a wink,but Kasim went a bit further and actually talked to her during the performance and he even went as far as sticking a guitar pick on her forehead-I think he was thrilled to see such a young person enjoying what they were playing! certaintly it was a night she will never forget!!

I have to admit it was one of the best Todd shows I have seen,and I have seen alot of them-He obviously felt like a twenty something again. The song selection was very eclectic-they even did a couple interesting cover versions which I wont divulge in case you are going to see the shows.

One of the highlights though was the encore of "Trapped" sung by Kasim and a rip roaring version of "Worldwide Epiphany"-great times were had by all,considering all the comments by people after the show! To finish up-go see these shows,you certainly will NOT be disappointed!!

Chuck Merriam


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1/25/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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