Milwaukee Show 1-23-08

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The "boys" set forth another formidable appearance. I have to believe that everyone at the Pabst Theater was truly in awe of how timeless Todd appeared. Yes, most of the crowd were of an older age group....many were probably grandparents - yikes.

I did bring down the age ratio a bit by bringing my two kids ( 10 and 13 ) along for the "ride" last evening. Hope it is not "the last". We sat up close in the balcony in such an intimate setting with busts of Wagner and Homer and references to all the great Renaissance era figures of renowned change and enlightenment. How appropriate for us to see Todd accompanied by replicas of his mused peers. My kids were absolutely giddy with delight to be finally seeing the man who's songs shook my house or songs that put them to sleep over the last decade. I was so proud to see Todd displaying his happiness at being the quintessential artist, I was actually in tears a few times. Thankfully, the set didn't change from the week previous and the selection that he pulled off had something for everyone from most everyone of his incarnations. To me, not a clunker in the lot. I heard and saw most all of my favorites being played without abandon. I'm so glad my kids witnessed this show, and I had hoped that someone very dear to me, who has been with me on many Todd endeavors, could have been in attendance. But alas, no. Perhaps I can twist the arm of fate, and suggest that the upcoming Chicago shows are not to be missed. Anyone who loves and appreciates his relentless guitar playing and broad vocal talents will literally be in chills. Here is to hoping this road goes on for many years to come, and eventually returns to revisit this vista in the bend once again. Thank you Todd, Kasim, Jessie, and Prairie for a very memorable evening.

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1/23/2008 - Pabst Theater - Milwaukee, WI

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