Pabst Theatre/Milwaukee Wi/1-23-08

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The Pabst Theatre is a beautiful place to go see a concert! It's nice that it was reserved seating being able to walk in freely when you want. Our routine has been going to Buffalo Wild Wings before the show, meeting up with friends from Wi. Great place, great people! Our server even called us a cab and let us know when it came! That has never happened to me before! Yes, some of us walked and some took a cab, it was FREEZING OUT and I'm from the Midwest! I was forced to walk back to the car after the show and my chest hurt and no I'm not a smoker!

The concert was FANTASTIC!!! The guys all looked GREAT! The sound was GREAT! The songs were a nice combination. Todd complained about it being dry, boy was it. My favorite songs were Drive, Tiny Demons and all 3 Encore songs. They all have special meanings to me. Thanks for adding Trapped!!!!!!!!! Todd, Kasim, Jesse, and Prairie play so well together and the guitar playing is UNBELIEVABLE! Getting 2 1/2 hrs. of sleep and working a full day on Thursday was definitely worth it! Go see it!

One final note, I want to say "Thank You" to the ladies behind the merchandise table. They are very kind, helpful, informative and work very hard! Rock on to Chicago!

Rock Love, Karen

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1/23/2008 - Pabst Theater - Milwaukee, WI

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