Mpls. show- 1/22

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Since these things haven't been mentioned in any other reviews, I thought I'd share a couple of Minnesota observations. First, Kaz and Prairie were having some version of a water/food/foreign object fight throughout the night, with Kaz demonstrating considerable skill at water spouting/spitting in Prairie's direction! Second, during an interview on our local Public Radio station, Todd made it pretty clear that the days of the New Cars are pretty well over due to copyright issues, etc. Finally, to join the bandwagon of fun, this is the type of performance I just will never get enough of from Todd and his supporting cast, and I hope an new CD (I can't believe Liars is already nearly 4 years old!) and more live shows are in our collective futures! Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us in Minneapolis!

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1/22/2008 - Pantages Theatre - Minneapolis, MN

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