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What a band! What a performance! What musicianship!

I have seen Todd solo and with all sorts of band combos over the years. I have seen him do not so good performances and great performances. But last nights performance by Todd and company at the beautifully refurbished quaint Pantages Theater was nothing but spectacular! They walked calmly on stage, took there positions and started quietly and slowly for a few seconds, then all of a sudden they kicked out the jams and never looked back! They blasted through song after song with precision, searing guitar solos by Todd and Jesse, power house beat keeping from Kasim and Prairie!

The set list was about the same as the previous nights. Todd performed like he was 30 something! He rocked, the band rolled and the crowd, lets just say we are getting old! Todd wanted and tried very hard to get us all to pretend we were 20 years younger, but only Todd, me and a few others felt his energy so much it made us unable to sit in our seats any longer and we had stand and groove to this rock and roll powerhouse. Todd, I hate to say it, but your loving fans cannot keep up with you! You will outlive us all! I went back a few rows and had a great spot between the sound and light guy, dead center, superb sightline to Todd with all sorts of room to dance and sweat for the whole show! For a few moments it felt like it was just the band and me in my living room rocking out! Do not get me wrong, the Minneapolis crowd did pay Todd and band great respect, but it took into the encore for Prairie to stand up and signal the crowd to stand. I do not know how you can sit for a rocking, socking, power rock show like they did. Todd is the hardest working guy in the business. He deserves more! He does not want to get old and he is definitely did not show his age last night. I cannot say enough about this show. The 4 guys played and put out nonstop. I will attend every Todd concert in my area he performs for the rest of my life and never say a bad word about a Todd performance again because he will just come back and prove he still has that Rundgren magic! What a show, what a performer!

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1/22/2008 - Pantages Theatre - Minneapolis, MN

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