Todd Rundgren at the Pantages, Minneapolis 01-22-2008

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On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of reconnecting with an old musical friend Todd Rundgren. As many of you know, I am a longtime fan of Todd's going back to my Philly roots.

This concert, described by bassist Kasim Sultan was a "plug in and play" show, was part of the short "Freeze Your Ass Off" tour. There was no warm up band, no sets or effects, just four guys pumping out the rock to warm the gray haired crowd of faithful fans.

Todd, clad in sexy black leather pants and black t-shirt, was joined by his longtime bass-player, Kasim Sultan, guitarist Jesse Gress, and former Journey drummer, Prairie Prince to "shred" his rock anthem guitar solos.

This tight set did not indulge us with love ballads or metaphysical questions, instead the songs were collected from the rockers of Todd's 30 plus year oeuvre.

Set List: All songs from Todd Rundgren albums, unless noted

    Buffalo Grass
        2000   One Long Year

I Hate My Frickin' ISP 2000 One Long Year

Black Maria 1972 Something/Anything?

Soul Brother Cover

Mammon 2004 Liars

Fascist Christ 1993 No World Order

I Saw The Light 1972 Something/Anything? a top 100 hit

Black and White 1976 Faithful

Lunatic Fringe Cover

#1 Lowest Common Denominator 1974 Todd

Drive 1983 Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect

Tiny Demons 1981 Healing

Mystified 1985 Utopia, POV

Broke Down and Busted 1970 Runt

Slut 1972 Something /Anything?

The Walls Came Down Cover original by The Call

One World 1982 Utopia, Swing To The Right


Hawking 1989 Nearly Human

Trapped 1977 Oops Wrong Planet

World Wide Epiphany 1993 No World Order

Todd entertained the crowd with short comments, but mostly with his great, tight songs, guitar solos, and a little fancy footwork, that looked pretty good for a guy turning sixty.

Shout outs to old friends Kate and Bill, and of course to Lani, who was selling merchandise. She helped me pick out my new sage green Foamy sweatshirt. Foamy is Todd's guitar.

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