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Todd graced the airwaves of Minnesota Public Radio yesterday. As usual he was interesting and witty. He talked about success in life and how grateful he was to still be doing what he loved as 60 sets in. As 60 gets closer for all of us who have followed and worshiped him over the years, I canít help but wonder as I sit at his shows, if this will be the last time I get to see him. If you are reading this, you know what I mean. How many people are so lucky to have their favorite artist still at it and giving us our fix after all these years? Take a minute think about how lucky you and I are.

With that noted, I want to say a huge thanks to The New Cars. Because of them, Todd has been practicing for over a year. We all know there is Todd the Balladeer with that one of a kind wonderful voice and songs that remind us of the back seat, and there is Todd the Experimenter and artistic Inventor, and then there is last nights Todd. The man is one of the best guitarists of all time but we have painfully missed Guitar Todd over the past decade. Donít you love that we can talk about him in decades. Last nights show was the show I thought I would never see again. Other reviews have complained about mistakes and weak vocals but we got a frickin masterpiece last night. A very gray haired crowd, with a sprinkling of kids, went away totally satisfied by an incredible play list. I had read that it didnít change much but didnít realize what a great group of songs it was till I heard them back to back. They were done just like I like them and even had wonderful new lead ins and occasionally a new arrangement that didnít detract from the soul of the song. Todd and Jesse and Kass compliment each other so well and the addition of Jesseís wonderful skills made this one of Toddís best bands in a long time. One of things that you and I love about Todd is his humor and witty visits with us between songs and last night you could see that senility is a long way off for The Runt. I thought this show was the best I have seen since the Second Wind Tour. If you are reading this to get input on upcoming shows you will be attending---rest assured---itís like it was when you were a kid. It was frickin incredible.

A huge Thanks to Michelle and Rebop for sharing him with us.

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