Indy 1/20/08

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We met up with fans prior to the show at Uno's- notably JDM- and the usual suspects at the venue- Don L, Ken O, Doug & Sammy among others- and it appeared to be a pretty full house.

The band launched into Buffalo Grass a few minutes late but the set list remained much as previous reported- I had it as BG, ISP, B. Maria, Soul Bro, Mammon/FC, ISTL, B&W, 'Looney Toon' Fringe, #1 LCD, Drive, Tiny Ds, Mystified/BDNB, SLUT, Walls Came Down, One World, and encores of Hawking, Trapped and WWE... though I might have missed a tune in there somewhere.

Todd's guitar sound was more than adequate, Jesse's seemed a bit muted but Kasim's bass was overpowering. Perhaps in part because- as someone (I forget who) pointed out that the subwoofers were under the stage(?)

I was told that the previous night in Kentucky had been a particularly tasty performance but I really had no qualms about last night- vocals were solid and the playing tight- and hearing "Trapped" was the icing on the cake...

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1/20/2008 - Music Mill - Indianapolis, IN

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