The Music Mill, Indianapolis, IN, January 20, 2008 8:30pm

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Todd Rundgren and the Liars

Phenomenal performance! I've missed the guitar godd the last 7.5 years. WWE as the closer was the highlight. I'd seen Jesse during the Liars tour but didn't recognize what an excellent player he is. Perfect fills and accents to Todd's playing. Don't miss this show! But bring ear plugs (my ears were ringing for a day).

Buffalo Grass (One Long Year, 2000)
I Hate My Frickin' ISP (One Long Year, 2000)
Black Maria (Something / Anything, 1972)
Soul Brother (Liars, 2004)
Mammon (Liars, 2004)
Fascist Christ (No World Order, 1993)
I Saw the Light (Something / Anything, 1972)
Black and White (Faithful, 1976)
Lunatic Fringe (cover, Red Rider, As Far as Siam, 1981)
No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator (Todd, 1974)
Drive (The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect, 1982)
Tiny Demons (Healing, 1981)
Mystified / Broke Down and Busted / Mystified (POV, 1983 / Runt, 1970)
Slut (Something / Anything, 1972)
Walls Came Down (cover, The Call, Modern Romans, 1983)
One World (Swing to the Right, 1980)

Hawking (Nearly Human, 1989) Trapped (Oops Wrong Planet, 1977) Worldwide Epiphany (No World Order, 1993)

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1/20/2008 - Music Mill - Indianapolis, IN

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