Review of the indianapolis Music Mill show 1/20/08

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Todd was fantastic and it was totally worth the 4 hours of standing in one place. Actually, once the music started I didn't even notice.

It was loud rockin' night. I was prepared with earplugs---I checked out this tour on youtube so I knew it wasn't his "sensitive" tour. I have to say Kasim's bass almost caused my aorta to burst. I wasn't familiar with every song on the playlist and, unfortunately, because of the volume, could not really even make out what they were playing. I was 2 people back from the stage.

Todd was funny, animated and energetic. He sang directly to us and came right to the edge of the stage many times to give the people what they came for. They all seemed to be having fun playing together on stage.

This show is fantastic, Todd fans! You will not be disappointed. Be forewarned, my friends, IT IS LOUD!!! Even with earplugs, I was stone deaf for 2 days.

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1/20/2008 - Music Mill - Indianapolis, IN

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