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The Music Mill in Indianapolis is a combination restaurant/concert hall with a capacity of approximately 750 and general admission seating, meaning there are no seats. Everyone on their feet all night, just the way God intended.

Sunday night was really cold in Indy with temperatures in the single digits but TR drew a large crowd and if not a sell out it was within just a few folks of it being full.

The venue was built for live music and the acoustics, sound system and lights are first class. This being a relatively new venue, having opened in 2004, it is the perfect place to enjoy Todd in a bar/club setting.

The set list was unchanged from previous stops on this tour with Buffalo Grass to begin and WWE ending the night. The set list seemed to alienate the more casual fans, while the core Rundgren zealots were really into it and enjoying it.

I should mention that Todd lived up to his pre-show proclamation, to the local media, that this would be a rock & roll performance and not really a good "date night" type of thing. He said the band would be playing no ballads and there would be lots of guitar played really loud and he was true to his word.

The man was on fire all night, having fun, ripping solo's, shredding and jumping around like a 20 something.

I overheard some folks mention that by the third song in the set they were forced to retreat to the restroom for reinforcements, in the form of paper towels/toilet paper, to plug their ears.

Good stuff!

It's unfortunate that so many in the crowd were unprepared, their expectations incorrectly set, and ultimately somewhat disappointed. This was not Todd with an acoustic guitar, grand piano and mp3 player, like his last visit to town in 2003. This was music played hard and LOUD by someone who knows how to rock.

While I loved the solo acoustic/Joe Jackson & Ethyl/Hall & Oates and Liars tours this is what we've been waiting for and I, for one, hope we get more of the same.

Keep on Rockin!

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1/20/2008 - Music Mill - Indianapolis, IN

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