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The show was fantastic, but the adventure started well before show time. Meeting other fans is as an important part of going to a concert as the show itself, and this one was no exception. I got to meet several folks from My Space....Lynn, Carrie & Dave and Gregg at the bar next to the theater before the show. We had a great time meeting, talking and we almost had dinner. Carrie was nice enough to make me an 'I Fancy the Bass Player' t-shirt and it came out perfect. She made one for herself that just said 'Kasim', so we were all set to see our fancy bass player.

When we got inside, we staked out our positions at the stage in front of Kas. We met some other folks at the show, including Doug from Rundgren radio. If you haven't heard already, he broadcast from the show and we all ended up being interviewed. I still hate hearing myself on the radio. We also met TRS Teresa from the TR Connection and I ran into Kathy from the Meat Loaf site.

The show started right on time and the set list was the same as it was the last round of shows. It was nice to have Prairie back on drums, although we never get to actually see him since he's hidden way in back. Fortunately, some fans got him to stand up in-between some songs, so we could get some pictures. The rest of the guys seemed like they were having a great time, and Todd informed us that he was taking us into the way back machine with the music and that we would all eventually regress way into our childhoods. I wondered if he realized that most of us never left in the first place. We know they have never left their childhoods, especially with Kas taking drinks of water and then squirting it towards Prairie.

Even on stage, boys will be boys. Kasim spotted us right away and said 'hi' to us. He noticed the shirts that Carrie and I were wearing and he said he wanted one. Fortunately for him Carrie thought ahead and made one for him that said 'I Fancy the Fans'. She was able to give it to him after the show and he loved it and said he would wear it onstage he next night in IN. From what I have heard, he was true to his word and did wear it, much to Carrie's delight.

Kasim is as famous for flinging picks at fans as he is for his music and Saturday night, he flung one at me. I was actually looking at Todd at the time when I felt something and then everyone told me Kasim has tossed the pick. I was able to find it easily, which I don't think happens very often. I watch him do this all of the time and he usually can't hit his target, but he managed to hit the 'f' in 'Fancy', so his aim is either getting better or it helped that we were only about two feet away from him. Whichever it was, it's always nice to be singled out. Earlier, Todd had tossed a pick to Lynn and she caught it and was quite proud to show it off.

After the show, Kasim came out to talk to people and he was nice enough to sign some cds I had gotten for some friends. We had a nice chat and then I sort of let him go to talk to other fans. It's always hard to let him go, but I had to share. After everyone got to hug and kiss the fancy bass player, Lynn, Carrie, Dave and I left to meet at their hotel bar. I drove right off, but they shared a ride with Lynn and they decided to drive around the back of the theater. They found the whole band, including Todd. Carrie had made a shirt for Todd too, so she was able to give it to him. And, they got pictures and autographs. I'm quite jealous, but also very happy for them.

The whole evening was as perfect as anyone could ask for. The next time I get to see the fancy bass player, he'll be leading his own band and will have traded his bass for a six string. But, I'm sure he'll be just as fancy.

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