Covington, KY 01-19-08

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Todd was looking good and sounding even better. He was all over the stage and tearing it up. He played guitar on every song. Best show I have seen from him in years. I forgot how well Todd & Jessie play together. Watching Kasim & Todd interacting seemed like old times. I also enjoyed the age regression experiment we all participated in.

It definitely left me wanting to see another show.

Doug in Cincinnati

Buffalo grass
I hate my fucking ISP
Black maria
Soul brother
Fascist Christ
I saw the light
Black and white
Lunatic fringe
#1 lowest common denominator
Tiny demons
Broke down and busted
(I spaced on this one)
One world

Encore: Hawking Trapped WWE

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1/19/2008 - (Cincinnati) OH Madison Theater - Covington, KY

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