Todd Rundgren The LC Columbus, Ohio 1/18/08

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What a great night. All my favorite Todd fans were there, we got treated to fan/friends from Cleveland, Indianapolis, Youngstown just to mention a few! It is always the best time at a Todd concert when other fans are there with you to share the night! So thanks to all of you for coming, you know who you are!LOL! OK so we decided to get as close as we could and went for what they called 'pit' seats, we were below stage level and in the 8th row and all I can say is the sound in this priciest of sections SUCKED! How they can justify charging extra for this section is beyond me. Still the guys sounded great from what I could tell, I did think Kas sounded a bit too loud but I may have been swayed by the Cleveland review I read before the show too, still where we were Kas' bass was extra loud! Set list didn't change much tho I was glad to get to hear 'Trapped' at the end of the night, was a treat to hear Kas' lovely voice. I have seen this tour twice now and will admit I am ready for the next adventure Todd takes us all on, 'Arena Rock' sounds intriguing. I am glad I got to see "Rock Todd" again something just seems so right about him wailing on that guitar all night afterall he is one helluva guitar player! Thanks to Todd and the guys for another great show. [ps I videoed 1 song in 2 parts of the show if you'd like to see them they are here and here.]

"I can't explain what's in my brain that tell's me where to go, but I think you know" Todd Rundgren

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1/18/2008 - LC Pavilion - Columbus, OH

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