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We arrived at Pine Knob (DTE Energy Music Center), met up with Pebbles, and waited at the will call window until the bands passes came through the system.

We were disappointed to find out the venue only had 2 of the cartoon character T-shirts which Prairie Prince designed left and that they had sold out.

The name of the warmup band from Detroit sounded like a bad dentistry nightmare, "Class 3 Overbite," but they were pretty good, very energetic.

The venue had more in attendance than we had expected, since there were several festivals in the D town tonight. Michele thought the band was jaw dropping good, her 4th show and by far the best. It was a pleasure to see Atom and he was a crowd pleaser with his British Rock star suit on. Todd keep saying how it was a Special Night never saying why, but I guess it was being at DTE (Pine Knob) closing out the summer and the tour of the New Cars as a band for 2007.

The real crowd pleaser of the night was Black Maria and they did a killer version of Open My Eyes. The crowd really went nuts when Todd did his original tunes.

The music was great, the band had more energy it seemed than at the other New Cars shows we've attended. Really tight, Todd's vocals were right on the dime. They played the usual tunes but they skipped "Not Tonight," "More," and "Warm." In other words, they didn't play any of their new New Cars tunes. Todd sang "Drive," which we'd previously heard sung only by Kasim and he did a great job on it. Atom, the Kasim-substitute bass player, was really extremely good and brought some youthful pizzazz to stage along with his British punk-rocker threads which were really cool.

They played an hour and fifteen minutes, which included the usual Cars fare and the TR songs "I Saw the Light," "Black Maria," and "Bang on the Drum," then left the stage and came back for the encore. The best encore song was Todd's "Open My Eyes," which Bob said was the best version of the song he's ever heard.

Backstage Greg was a gracious host handing out beers and giving out autographs. Prairie had on a polka dot hat. The band was in a hurry to leave due to early morning flights but were very gracious in spending time with fans. We saw the tour bus leaving the parking lot....another chapter in TR history closed, opening a new one!

P.S. It wasn't until the New Cars tour that I realized what an awesome guitar player EE is. I had never thought of him in that way in the Cars days. Maybe he enjoyed the challenge of playing with TR. This tour has also been good for Greg, as a lot of Todd fans have become Greg fans. It isn't all bad folks. Let the good times roll.

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9/02/2007 - DTE Energy Music Center - Detroit, MI

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