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The Greenville Lions Park is 58 acres of land and has a big Amphitheater. The doors opened at 5 and the first band came on at 6 which was 38 Special. They played for about 1 1/2 hrs., sets were changed and then The New Cars came out. It was hot that day but later in the evening we started getting a great breeze.

The New Cars played for about 1 1/2 hrs. so of course there were songs that were cut from the original set list. They sounded and played great!!! The only problem I saw was when they started Black Maria, Todd had problems with his guitars/monitors. Not sure what it was all about but Todd had said "that's what happens when you don't have a sound check". Black Maria was stopped, problem fixed, and they started the song again. The crowd loved it!

Let the Good Times Roll is a good ending of the show song and the crowd really got into it. The people were nice there and my sister came with me for her first New Cars show. She was the one who turned me on to Todd/Utopia in '78 and has been my touring/traveling buddy since. We had a great time and she thought the show was EXCELLENT!

After the New Cars were over we left our spot in front (only one person in front of me) and walked towards the back of the crowd to sit down and listen to a few songs of Ted Nugent. The concert of course was GA so we had been standing for awhile. There was thousands of people there, it was unbelievable! We sat for one song of Ted's which was a cover song (don't remember which one) and then decided to leave. We were driving back to our hotel and before we knew it the New Cars tour bus was in front of us! What a trip! No, we didn't follow them, they could have been heading towards Milwaukee or on there way to Washington for all we know, since that was their next gig. Anyway, we had a FANTASTIC TIME and it was worth every mile we drove, only 3 1/2 hrs! Next stop Detroit!

Rock Love,


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8/04/2007 - Greenville Lions Park - Greenville, WI

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