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Bought 4 tickets a few months back and as luck would have it none of my friends nor my wife wanted to go. I sold 2 of the tickets on Ebay for half of what I paid but it was actually lucky as the nex auction that sold 2 of these tickets only yielded $1.69, that's pretty bad.

I actually ended up taking my 10 year old son and he liked it. If you bring kids to these shows be sure to bring ear plugs for them as these sound levels can and will damage their sensitive hearing and actually I always wear hearing protection as well.

I've seen Todd at this venue many times but I would say this was the smallest crowd to date for a show with him in it. This show was very poorly promoted by the venue and in the last several months since it was booked I only saw 2 ads for it.

The show was great, how could it be bad with this caliber of musicians. I really will never consider this a Cars show but rather more of a tribute type of a show and the band would all agree with that. The music was tight and the riffing was great.

OK, here is the big question that I need someone to answer for my 10 year old son. He wants to know why none of the 5 guys all in their 50's have no hair loss or grey hair and actually they might even have more hair then they did 20 years ago. Please email all answers to - thanks in advance!!!!!

Rock on!!!!

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8/02/2007 - North Fork Theatre - Westbury, NY

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