Lumberjack Days - Stillwater MN - 7/21

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Flew into MN in the am with 3 hrs. of sleep. I was at Mall of America by 9 and now that I think of it, it would be 12 more hrs. until I see the New Cars play! What a long day! Made it through the whole MOA in 2 1/2 hrs., stores didn't open until 9:30. I was able to keep my luggage in a locker thank goodness! Was not picked up until 2:30, I was not a happy camper! Got to the B&B I was staying at by 3:30. (it was the only place I could get that was close) Traffic was terrible and it was not close to the airport. I have never stayed in a B&B before, it was a trip! Dropped off my luggage and off to Lumberjack Days I went. It was hot that day but there was a great breeze. Stillwater is a great little town with great people. The New Cars were playing on a floating stage on the river, it was so cool! (it kind of reminded me of Utopia in Lowell Michigan playing on The Showboat in the 80's) The center section was reserved seating and anything around it was free for all.

There were boats all around the back part of the floating stage and up and down the river as far as you could see. It was unbelievable! The equipment set up was late so the first band did not start on time. I believe they were supposed to start at 5 and I think it ended up being around 5:30. The first band was a 50's - 60's type band, they were really good! Actually, there were 3 bands that played before the New Cars. The other two were great also, more harder rock. I should have been sleeping but I didn't want to give up my great seat which was first row center. I met this Fantastic couple next to me and hung out with them the whole time, they were very good to me and I truly appreciated it. Even the lady that was setting up the chairs for the reserved section later asked me if I had a good seat (who does that!) and I told her the BEST!

Minnesota people are so kind and helpful! Finally, the New Cars came on with some problems before on the stage, it seemed like the microphones not sure. By then I had moved to a concrete slab to sit on which then dropped down to a big concrete slab for people to stand and dance on, then the water, then the floating stage where the band was. There was a plank that the band had to walk on to get to the stage and they were escorted by police! One big surprise, Todd was now standing at the microphone to the right (if your facing the stage) and Atom was in the center! After a couple songs I moved to the front by the water (not too many people were there yet later it would be packed) and it was FANTASTIC! They didn't play Hello Again and Warm, (boo hoo my favorite!) maybe because of time restraints not sure and it was very loud but GREAT!!! The place was packed and people were having fun and dancing. At the beginning of the concert Todd stood on one of the speakers while playing and then got down, he could have fell right into the water if he went forward. He did at times come down the plank and play which was great! After the concert the band came out right away and into a white van escorted by police. Todd was nice enough to sign autographs. I had a set list from Mystic Lake Casino (May '07 MN) which I was able to get all the guys to sign in Nashville except for Todd and he was nice enough to sign it for me. He asked me where I got it from and before I could answer he was off, they were waiting for him. I was so tired I couldn't get the words out and off they went. Went for a quick drink after with the great couple I met and they drove me back to the B&B. My head hit the pillow and I was out! The band is tight, the show is so up and the sound and songs are great! Go see just one, you'll be hooked! 3 more to go for me!

Rock Love,


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7/21/2007 - Lumberjack Days - Stillwater, MN

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