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Good time's In Canada..

The show kicked off right at 8:00pm with what appeared to be a capacity crowd at Casino Rama in Orillia Ontario. Let me just say Casino concerts kinda suck? I'm not sure if it's special junket packages that include free tickets, but for those of us who pay to see the show, please get up and leave after the dam songs over, no matter who's playing..!

Now that's off my mind what an extremely enjoyable night. Let me begin by telling you, I had not heard any of the "New Car's" until jumping on a couple of hours previous just trying to catch a sound bite and to be perfectly honest with you, after hearing that sample of " Moving in Stereo" I was more nervous then curious...

I kept telling my self, "that must have been a sample from really early on, and their much better now" My worries were put to rest a minute or two into the show, Yes, Todd and his band of merry men had resurrected and recreated The New Cars. After the first few minutes of taking it all in I was quick to realize the new product was pretty neat and that this era of time was far from extinction.

The boys continued to rip out hit after hit slowing only to allow Todd a minute or two of well articulated banter with his flock. Tastefully done introductions especially when describing Kasim, as being the sweet one,' low and cholesterol and high on vitamins, but only after assuring all the young ladies in the crowd it was perfectly okay to donate their undergarments overhand to him on stage! Todd also went on to mention, ' it's surely nice to play in a place less then 95 degrees for a change" glad we could accommodate, Todd.

The real treat was patiently waiting for those strategically placed Rundgren, originals such as Black Maria, Saw the Light and Bang on the drum once heard, brought things full circle I'm sure for some of us older Utopian's and no doubt fulfilling the main reason attended. They just sounded better than I've ever heard them done before ? Maybe it was just a supply and demand thing ....duu know..

The Cars have always had an enjoyable ageless hook and last night they not only re awoke the music, but many terrific memories of simpler times.

Todd's guidance was clear, his expertise un compromised as his team of veterans' succeeded in performing a particularly gutsy project. The New Cars, should be extremely proud of their accomplishments, they are and will remain to be the real deal.

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7/11/2007 - Casino Rama - Toronto, ON

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