Lansing, MI 07/10/07

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Lansing, MI 07/10/07

Common Ground Music Festival

The usual suspects (Michele, Bob and Shaun) parked my car in a parking garage, I needed some coffee and walked over to the hotel by our parking garage, a tour bus was there and we ran into Kasim getting ready to get on the bus for the show. We got there 3 hours early, there were tons of people already set up as this was a bring your own chair venue. It was one of those no lei stages too, where press had a place to stand inbetween the crowd and the band, which were elevated. I'd estimate the crowd to be 15,000. Todd gave it his all tonight. There were some Lite beach balls floating around one Todd fan was so upset with them bouncing around that he got out his car keys and stabbed one several times, it was put to good use by a security guard later as an umbrella when the rain came. Bob overheard security wondering who this guy was (Todd) and why is everybody making such a big fuss over him?

No one was allowed to stand front row, unless you had a camera, security let us come up for just a few minutes to take pics they would politely tap us on the shoulder when it was our time to go sit down. The band decided to do "Rain" (we got a bonus song folks) and Todd commented that they were no longer The New Cars they were now a Beatles cover band. Todd said that this crowd deserved it (it was raining at the time and it rained during the encore). Todd joked all night about the Michigan mosquitos being twice the size of the ones in California. EE said that Todd should be our President. The crowd enjoyed Kasim's version of Drive. The Tiki status guy along side of Prairies kit seemed to be moving back and forth?

Aftershow: We ran into Kasim standing by the wardrobe closet. How does this guys hair look fresh even after the rain? "I use products" (he's an alien no one can look that good all the time). Kasim told us he would be done with the Meatloaf tour in Nov. and planned on coming back to town with 2 other guys, a trio tour. We requested a Detroit stop. We saw Prarie Prince and Elliott Easton chatting with family. Soon the tour manager let me know that Todd would be just a few minutes and to wait. How sweet was that? We entered the tour bus and saw Todd and Greg eating. Chatted for a few, took some photos and bid them adeiu as they were heading for Canada, eh?

Since we weren't allowed to bring any outside goodies to this venue look for the big lei at DTE!

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7/10/2007 - Common Ground - Lansing, MI

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