Muskegon, Michigan - July 8

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Just a couple things about the Muskegon concert:
  1. Todd fans are some of the nicest people in the world.
  2. Todd Rundgren is one fantastic performer.
  3. Kasim Sulton is not only a very talented musician but a very nice person as well.
I will now elaborate.

I'm not real good at guessing crowd sizes ( but i did come relatively close last year when TNC played ravinia in chicago......i guessed 10,000 and it was 12,000) so my best guess this time is somewhere between 8000 and 10,000.

i arrived from northern indiana with two of four grandchildren for what would be their first experience seeing AWATS. we did some rides, ate some greasy food and had a nice time. about 8:00 we ventured to the standing area right in front of the stage. were able to get about the second row deep. stood around for half an hour and the standing area was getting real full. struck up a conversation with a very nice young lady who had come from denver, colorado with her parents just to see mr. that's dedication !

the show was getting ready to start about 8:40 and a very nice lady who was a todd fan and had obviously gotten there real early to get row one on the fence offered my two granddaughters her spot so they could see better.....what a nice person.....thank you so much.

the show kicked off, set list the same - on a hot but windy night......beautiful.

by the third song kasim had spotted my granddaughters and waved and smiled at them. when the band did 'i saw the light' and kasim could see them singing every word he threw them a guitar pick and after that they were in love !!!

by the end of the show todd looked as if he had just left a sauna. by the end of the show, i had seen one of the best rock concerts i had ever seen. and by the end of the show my grandchildren wanted to know when and where the next show is and if i knew how to get in touch with kasim !

a great night, a fantastic show, a bonding experience with two special people in my life we will always remember !

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7/08/2007 - Muskegon Summer Celebration - Muskegon, MI

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